Troubleshooting Heater Problems Before Calling a Professional

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Friday, December 1, 2023 at 7:00pm UTC

HVAC contractors in Vancouver, BC, share some troubleshooting tips for a faulty heater.

Burnaby, Canada - December 1, 2023 / Lambert Plumbing & Heating, LTD /

What to Check First When Experiencing Heating Problems 

One of the most dreaded problems in the winter is losing the heating. Without the heater, a home will quickly become frigid and uninhabitable. When heater problems arise, it isn’t the homeowner's responsibility to make repairs. However, taking a little time to troubleshoot the heating problem could help them find a simple solution or eliminate the possibility of a simple solution before calling for professional heater repair. Here are a few things homeowners can check before scheduling professional repairs when experiencing problems with the heating system.  

Take a Look at the Thermostat 

thermostatOne place to start when figuring out why the heater isn’t working is the thermostat. There are a couple of simple things that can go wrong that make the thermostat prevent the heater from working. First, make sure the thermostat is receiving power. Some thermostats are hardwired into the home, while others are powered by batteries. 

If batteries are weak, the thermostat may not be sending the signal to turn the heater on. Replacing the batteries may be all that is needed to restore service. Homeowners should also check their thermostats to ensure the system is in heating mode and not set to cool, as this will also prevent the heater from working correctly. 

Make Sure the Air Filters Are Clean 

air filterAir filters are essential in keeping the air inside of a home clean and healthy, especially during the winter. But, there are occasions when they can work against the homeowner. When air filters aren’t replaced often enough, they can become dirty and clogged with dust and debris. This limits the airflow and efficiency of the heater, which may make it seem like something is wrong with the heating. In extreme cases, this situation can cause overheating to the point that safety devices are tripped, shutting down the entire system. 

To prevent or fix this problem, ensure air filters are replaced when needed. AC and furnace filters should be checked monthly and replaced when they are dirty, which is typically at least every three months. This ensures good airflow through the system and cleaner air around the home. 

Make Sure Power Is Reaching the Unit 

There are several reasons why power may not be reaching the heater. The result is a heater that won’t turn on. There could be a tripped breaker or blown fuse that serves the heating system, which is an electrical issue and not a problem with the heater itself.  

Heating units also have a power or disconnect switch, usually on the side of the unit, which could hinder the heater from turning on when in the wrong position. Verify that the switch is not turned off and that the heater has power before calling an expert for heating repair. 

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